Santier spear dark souls 2

Santier spear dark souls 2

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I’ve been playing always making str and dex high for high damage but I heard It does’t affect anything for Santier Spear, is that correct?

I feel stupid it thats true

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You are correct.

If you scroll down halfway and look at the various upgrade paths, you will notice it has no rating for Strength nor Dexterity, meaning it will receive zero bonus from either of those stats.

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Compare it with a simple dagger and you’ll see the basic dagger gains E and B on Str and Dex scaling respectively.

You can easily tell what stats any equipment is based on:

At the bottom of the inventory page, you can see the requirements each piece of equipment requires, and the scaling that it might have.

From left to right: STR, DEX, INT, FAI

The top row (yellow icons) shows the level of requirement, whereas the second row (green row) shows the additional scaling it might provide. This example suggests:

  • Reqires: STR — 45/DEX — 8
  • Scaling: STR — D

So, as suspected; no. The Santier’s Spear (Un-enchanted) does not gain any bonuses from any of your stats.

Santier’s Spear+5


350(*175) 120 0 (*175) 35 0(*175) 40 0(*175) 500 0(*175) 12.0 Requirements & Bonus 20 22 – – *C *C *C *C Weapon Type Spear Attack Type Slash Enchantable Yes Special No

Santier’s Spear is a weapon in Dark Souls 2.

"A spear that was embedded in a stone statue.
According to an old local legend, a great spear was used to defeat Santier, the walking statue. Perhaps this is that very spear.
But it will be difficult to utilize such a thing in the manner of a spear. Your only choice is to swing it around, and smite foes about the head."

Acquired From

  • Treasure at Doors of Pharros: Gyrm’s Respite bonfire. The doorway is in the middle of the right-hand wall when entering the main area from the Gyrm’s Respite bonfire room. Be wary of the primal knight behind the door. Even if you only open the bottom door, He can still hit you.
  • There are three Lockstone slots — one on each side of the doorway, and one under the water directly in front of the door. If a lockstone is used on the middle slot under the water, the door can be rolled through without using all three slots.

Hints and Tips:

  • Upgraded with Twinkling Titanite.
  • You can deplete its durability to break the embedded head and turn this weapon into an effective, quick spear. The weapon will stay this way from now on, it will be impossible to "repair" and it will not lose its durability further, effectively making it unbreakable. However, if you die or rest at a bonfire prior to breaking the spear completely, its durability will be restored to full.
  • Once the durability is depleted, this is the one and only weapon with technically INFINITE DURABILITY, extremely useful on a no death, no bonfire playthrough.
  • Mundane is no longer viable as the weapon loses almost all damage making raw one of the best infusions, while Enchanted is the best option, as it’ll outscale Raw once reached 50int.
  • If you are using the spear in PVP -or the person against you is- be wary that it is extremely easy to parry the attacks. that’s why you should try to be unpredictable when using this weapon in PVP
  • This weapon was extremely popular in PVP due to its power and large hitbox that can catch players off-guard. As of Calibration 1.06, this weapon has had its attack power reduced especially on mundane infuse (reduce base damage to 30), to balance it out, making it less viable against other players and bosses.
  • Highly recommended to wield it with Yorgh’s Spear together, combining both movesets together will make the movesets even more variable and unpredictable, such as Santier rolling R1 + Yorgh R2 combo.
  • It is possible to powerstance this weapon, but the moveset becomes very bland.
  • If you’re attempting to break the statue head by playing through areas of the game, you can select the "leave" option in the inventory to leave it beside the bonfire you want to rest at. You can then rest as normal, repairing your gear and replenishing your estus. When you then pick the spear up again, it will not have been repaired.
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Ways to break the stone head:

  • Hitting walls, for example the Bright Cove Tseldora tent interior.
  • Note that acid does not directly affect the weapon, and cannot be broken via acid surge or pools of acid. It must be broken by hitting either enemies or walls.
  • Hitting dead enemies (stacking up corpses and using 2h strong attack is highly recommended). On the first bonfire of FoFG, lure about 4 enemies and try to kill them in a way that all fall in the same location. Then, hit the bodies with 2H strong attack. This will break the stone head in less than one minute.
  • Hitting non-aggressive enemies (ie. Rat Covenant Primal Knights).
  • Repeatedly hitting Dyna and Tillo is a good way to break the spear (using the 2h strong attack), as they are invulnerable.

The best way is to be part of The Rat Covenant (wear ring and they will become non-hostile then repeatedly hit the Mastadons in Door of Pharros with the 1hd strong attack it will break in a couple of minutes.

  • Another excellent way is hitting walls but while in the pool of acid found in Aldia’s Keep, next to the secret bonfire. Make sure you kill the dogs and unequip all other gear first.


  • After breaking the head, the moveset of this weapon will include spear, halberd, curved sword, and twinblade attacks, giving it one of the most diverse movesets in the game. Due to this, the Santiers Spear is highly common in PVP combat
  • 1 handed:
  • first and second light attack — spear
  • first and second strong attack — halberd
  • roll light attack — twinblade
  • backstep/run light attack — curved sword
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  • 2 handed:
    • first and second light attack — twinblade
    • first strong attack — twinblade
    • second strong attack — halberd
    • roll light attack — twinblade
    • backstep/run light attack — halberd
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